LUCY® Smart Cap
LUCY® Smart Cap
LUCY® Smart Cap
LUCY® Smart Cap

LUCY® Smart Cap

Cleans, tracks & reminds

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Start drinking more water today: The LUCY® Smart Cap effectively improves your drinking behaviour in conjunction with our waterdrop® Hydration App. Purified water, tracked drinking progress and regular reminders are just the push of a button away.

1x LUCY® Smart Cap

→ Smart Bottle Cap that helps improve your hydration:

  • Purifies water using innovative UV-C light technology

  • Automatically tracks water consumption with special sensor

  • Reminds you to drink by blinking gently

→ Only works in conjunction with free waterdrop® Hydration App

→ USB-C cable included

→ Not suitable for waterdrop® All-Purpose bottles, Toddler bottles and bottles from 2020 or earlier

→ Not suitable for the dishwasher (must not be immersed in water)

Further information as well as safety and cleaning instructions can be found in the safety manual and the user manual.

Your LUCY® Smart Cap

App your drinking game!

Connect LUCY® to the waterdrop® Hydration App: Your Smart Cap helps you keep on track with your fluid-intake, reminds you to drink and challenges you to take it one sip further.

Free download for iOS & Android.