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Advent Calendar Small
Sale price£19.90
Microdrink & Microteas
incl. Limited Editions
25 doors
Save £5.90
waterdrop® Starter Set Glass 600ml / CLEAN transparent
Sale priceFrom £34.90 Regular price£40.80
18 Microdrinks
Borosilicate glass bottle
600ml & 1L

14 colors available

Save £7.90
Starter Set Steel
Sale price£37.90 Regular price£45.80
600ml Bottle & Microdrinks

14 colors available

Save £10.90
Starter Set Metal Steel
Sale price£39.90 Regular price£50.80
Stainless Steel Bottle
24h cold, 12h hot

5 colors available

Save £4.06
waterdrop® Microdrink Bestseller Set Default Title
Sale price£23.90 Regular price£27.96
48 Microdrinks
Drink cold
Save £3.80
Microenergy Set
Sale price£22.90 Regular price£26.70
36 Microenergies
Natural Caffeine
Save £20.00
Advent Calendar Large
Sale price£129.00 Regular price£149.00
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Limited Editions & New Accessories
Reusable Box
Save £8.90
Kids Bottle
Sale price£29.90 Regular price£38.80
Spill-proof drinking bottle
For children aged 5-10 years

12 colors available

Pull-Up Cap
Sale price£9.90
Extendable mouthpiece
Suitable for all bottles*

7 colors available

Taster Pack
Sale price£14.90
6 Flavours
18 Microdrinks
Drink cold
Sale price£6.99
Blackcurrant - Elderflower - Açaí
Sale price£6.99
Peach - Ginger - Ginseng - Dandelion
Sale price£6.99
Mango - Cactus Fruit - Artichoke
Sale price£6.99
Elderflower - Lime Blossom - Raspberry
Sale price£6.99
Physalis - Rosmary - Peppermint
12 Microdrinks
Drink cold
Sale price£8.90
Mango - Guayusa - Guava
12 Microenergies
Natural Caffeine
Sale price£7.90
Black Tea – Honey
Sale price£7.90
Rooibos - Honeybush - Caramel
Sale priceFrom £29.90
400ml & 600ml

16 colors available

Toddler Bottle Steel
Sale price£29.90
400ml | Child-friendly spout

4 colors available

Steel Bottle
Sale priceFrom £28.90
400ml, 600ml & 1L

0 colors available

LUCY® Smart Cap
Sale price£99.00
Smart Bottle Cap
Cleans, tracks & reminds
Connected with Hydration App
Frida Kahlo Glass
Sale priceFrom £28.90
3 limited edition designs
Borosilicate glass bottle
400ml, 600ml & 1L

3 colors available

Clear Glass
Sale priceFrom £23.90
400ml, 600ml & 1L

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