waterdrop®, and more specifically the Microdrink, was born out of an idea when CEO & Co-Founder Martin Murray questioned the essence of adding instant flavour to ordinary water. And now, some years on, big things have happened from something that is in fact very small.

With a mission to make people drink more water, waterdrop® sources the finest of ingredients to offer natural flavour and great taste – in an instant. But celebrating the benefits of hydration is just one of the cornerstones of waterdrop®; another decisive pillar is that of sustainability.

With almost 300 million tonnes of plastic waste produced every year – a figure that continues to grow at an annual rate of 9% [Seed Scientific] – waterdrop® is built on the founding idea to change one of the most unsustainable industries in the world, the beverage industry. With this, sustainability or ‘sustainable living’ is at the core of everything waterdrop® does, so much so that with every 12-Pack sold, we collect one plastic bottle from the environment – and by shipping only the essence of the drink, we save up to 98% CO2 emissions compared to bottled beverages. That’s the waterdrop® promise.

And with these pillars comes a commitment to variety; waterdrop® offers a portfolio comprising of four collections: Microdrink, Microtea, Microenergy and Microlyte. From sweet and herbal, to a line that performs at its best, find out more about each collection below.


Small and convenient: each Microdrink contains the finest of fruit and plant extracts to transform any water into a delicious refreshing drink. Unlike typical bottled drinks, each Microdrink cube is enriched with valuable vitamins and contains zero sugar. From blackcurrant and elderflower, to lime, mango and peach; each flavour offers a simple solution to flavour-rich water.


A tradition reinvented: Microtea is a small, sugar-free cube best served hot! Enriched with similar fruit and plant extracts to a Microdrink, each Microtea has been formulated to instantly dissolve in hot water – with no (tea bag) strings attached. That’s right, with no brew time, Microtea is an easy-to-prepare, hassle-free alternative that can be enjoyed wherever, whenever.


Microenergy is a natural solution to ensuring a welcome pick-me-up wherever you are. Containing natural caffeine and zero sugar, Microenergy aims to optimise your normal water intake, but with the potential of reaching desired energy levels in an instant. The collection comprises of three flavours: NERO (cola nut & guarana), ORO (mango & guayusa) and SHIRO (cherry blossom & mallow).


Small in size, bold in performance: Microlyte is a sports drink specifically developed for rapid hydration. Containing 5 electrolytes, 9 vitamins and zinc, each of the three flavours – BLUEBERRY, GRAPEFRUIT and MELON – replaces everything you lose through sweating when exercising or training. Refresh and replenish, and prepare to take one sip further on any sporting adventure.