Which All-Purpose Bottle Lid Do You Need?

Which All-Purpose Bottle Lid Do You Need?

If you’re reading this article, you are probably the proud owner of one of our All-Purpose Bottles, so congratulations! These bottles are one of the best investments you can possibly make, as you can customise them to make them compatible for all kinds of drinks. Be it piping hot Microteas, refreshing Microdrinks or everything in between… we’ve got you.

With that being said, which lid should you get? Well, to start with, there isn’t a ‘best’ one per se. The most suitable lid for you depends on how you plan to use your bottle. Read on and let’s find out more!

Loop Lid

First up, we have the Loop Lid. If you love your drinks warm and cosy, this lid is THE one for you. Leakproof and yet easy to carry with its ultra-wide 3-finger handle, this Lid is an upgrade over all the basic coffee shop tumblers out there, for sure!

Why we love it:

  • Thermo Cushion built-in to keep drinks extra hot/cold
  • Extra wide drink opening for easy sipping
  • Wide handle for a comfortable 3-finger hold

Spout Lid

Introduced around the same time as the Loop Lid, this lid was meant for all things cold. While the opening of the All-Purpose Bottle was designed extra wide to fit ice-cubes (no more waiting for ice cubes to melt their way into your bottle!) and for easy cleaning, this however means ice cubes can get in the way if you drink from the bottle directly.

To counter this, the Spout Lid has a slim mouthpiece that extends outwards so you can drink comfortably without any ice cubes falling out! Genius? We think so too...

Why we love it:

  • Ergonomic mouthpiece for easy drinking
  • Wide handle for a comfortable 3-finger hold

Swing Lid

Last but not least, we have the newest kid on the block – the Swing Lid. This lid isn’t necessarily for hot or cold drinks per se, but rather for those who want a fuss-free drinking experience. While the Spout Lid and Loop Lid consists of two parts, the Swing Lid is an all-in-one. With the cap attached to the Lid itself, you’ll never drop it on the floor or lose it anywhere again – parents around the world, rejoice!

Needless to say, like all other Lids, this lid is also leakproof with a mouthpiece that allows for comfortable drinking. Why we love it:

  • Ergonomic mouthpiece for comfortable drinking
  • Hygienic and fuss-free opening/closing

Now that we’ve outlined the benefits of each Lid, here are some scenarios to help you along:

- For your daily morning tea/coffee:
We would go with the Loop Lid with an All-Purpose Thermo Bottle in a smaller size i.e. 400/600ml. The 400ml especially, is the perfect size for most cup-holders, be it cars or pushchairs.

- For sharing amongst friends:
Whether it’s a picnic, or next year’s Pride Parade… Our combination of choice would be the Spout Lid with the All-Purpose Thermo Bottle in either 1.4 or 1.9L. Tip: the unique spout makes it easy to pour from and prevents ice cubes from falling out – helping your drink stay cold even longer!

- For keeping long hikes/walks extra toasty:
We recommend the Loop Lid with an All-Purpose Thermo Bottle in a larger size i.e. 600ml onwards.

- For icy-cold refreshments all day long:
We vote for the Spout or Swing Lid with an All-Purpose Thermo Bottle in a larger size. 600ml is great for those who like to switch drinks up a bit (our cubes are best served with 500ml of water!) but feel free to go big if you’d like something to sip from all day.

- For those with children that insist to drink from your bottles despite having their own:
Definitely the Swing Lid paired with an All-Purpose Ultralight Bottle – no more bending down for the 502nd time to pick up a bottle cap from the floor, hooray!

As you can guess, there are probably ten thousand more scenarios we have yet to think about, but with these three Lids and our All-Purpose Bottles in varying sizes and properties, it’s safe to say you’ll definitely find a combination that works best for you. And if not, well… let’s just say you wouldn’t be the only one to have collected them all. They’re THAT good.