Glass Cup Set Double-Walled Glass incl. Sip Lid

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Whether on the way to work or a leisurely weekend stroll, this set featuring our double-walled Glass Cup and comfortable Sip Lid stands up to disposable cups. Ideal for both warm and cold drinks.

1x Sip Lid
→ Practical lid with convenient drink opening
→ Protects against spillages
→ Keeps warm
→ Compatible with waterdrop® Glass or Steel Cups
→ BPA-free
→ Care: Suitable for the dishwasher

1x Glass Cup
→ Made of double-walled borosilicate glass
→ Filling capacity: 350ml
→ Suitable for hot and cold drinks (max 80°C)
→ Can be combined with the Sip Lid
→ Care: Suitable for the dishwasher

Don't lose your lid!

Whether a simple design or with a touch of colour, our Sip Lid guarantees to bring out the best in each of our Glass Cups. This dynamic pairing not only prevents any spillages, but keeps your drink warm or cold – for longer – when tightly sealed.