Made of aluminium
Suitable for Carry Cap & Pull-Up Cap
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A water bottle that follows you everywhere? No problem! Combine our high-quality aluminium Carabiner with either our Carry Cap or Pull-Up Cap to securely attach your bottle to your backpack or other equipment.

1x Carabiner
→ Snap hook fastening
→ Made of high quality aluminium
→ Can be combined with the waterdrop® Carry Cap and Pull-Up Cap
→ Attention: Not suitable for climbing!

Ready to get attached?

Whether hiking hillside or stepping into the city, your bottle can follow you wherever you go thanks to our Carabiner. Characterised by a snap hook fastening, the Carabiner attaches to any Pull-Up Cap, Carry Cap and Loop Lid to ensure your bottle is at your side – anywhere, anytime, for any adventure.