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Enrich your water with the fruity taste of our microdrinks

Do you have a hard time drinking enough water? The recommended average of 1.5L-2L daily sounds impossible to achieve? The simple, fruity solution: flavoured water. Our delicious waterdrop® microdrinks come in over 10 flavours and are small cubes that turn your boring water into a delicious refreshing drink in the blink of an eye. Unlike conventional soft drinks, our cubes contain no sugar and therefore no calories. Instead, our fruity cubes contain all the more valuable vitamins and natural ingredients.

What are microdrinks?

A waterdrop® microdrink is a small, sugar-free cube that adds a delicious burst of flavour to any water. This is how easy it is to prepare your refreshing drink:

1. Pour 400-600ml of cold water (sparkling or still)
2nd Let your microdrink dissolve completely
3rd  Enjoy right away

Whether you need an energy boost, would like to unwind and relax, or just want to do something good for yourself: Choose from our colourful range of 10+ flavours containing only the finest fruit and plant extracts. Looking for that x-factor? For your ultimate flavoured water, we recommend ice cubes, as well as cooling mint leaves, a few lemon slices or any other garnish that takes your microdrink to the next level.

Why waterdrop® and not just some lemonade in a plastic bottle?

We don't just emphasise sustainability, we live it. Did you know that with our microdrinks you save up to 98% of plastic and CO2 compared to pre-filled beverages? Thanks to their convenient size and light weight, we also avoid unnecessary transport routes and environmentally harmful emissions that go hand in hand with it. To ensure that you can enjoy your infused water anywhere and anytime, we have chosen a size that fits in every pocket. Upcycling-hack: Reuse your empty microdrink packages for some DIY (e.g. lovely little storage boxes). Get creative!