Serving Sustainability In Times Square

Serving Sustainability In Times Square

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On August 24th, in the heart of New York City’s bustling Times Square, waterdrop® aced one of the biggest events in our history. Amidst the towering billboards and vibrant lights that overlap to paint a tapestry of modern life and technology, a giant tennis court emerged outside the Nasdaq MarketSite overnight where our tennis athletes Taylor Fritz, Danielle Collins and brand ambassador Novak Djokovic took a racket to plastic bottles and served a first in sustainability.

The campaign was an all-round success as thousands of people lined up to recycle their plastic bottles in exchange for a free 3-Pack from waterdrop®. As the event played out, fans were treated to a refreshing array of Microdrinks at the Hydration Station. Amidst the urban cacophony and awe-struck tennis aficionados, Taylor Fritz and Danielle Collins wowed the crowd with their knowledge of all things Sugarplastic.

Novak Djokovic with Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program

Alongside kids from the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program, Djokovic’s extraordinary tennis skills then took center stage as the match of the century began—against a life-sized Sugarplastic bottle head symbolic of our continuous battle against pre-filled sugary beverages. As Djokovic and the kids finally “defeated” the plastic bottle head to tumultuous applause from the cheering audience, it marked a moment that resonated not only with sports enthusiasts but with anyone who witnessed this iconic fusion of athleticism and New York spirit.

waterdrop ambassador Novak Djokovic at Times Square

Thank you, New York, for helping us to ace sustainability!

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