RELAX - 12 Pack

Hibiscus - Acerola - Aronia

Bye-bye stress and hello RELAX. Discover the botanical blend of Hibiscus, Acerola and Aronia to find your happy medium. RELAX, for moments full of levity and ease.


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Average nutritional values

per 100 ml   per 400 ml (1 drop)  
Energy (calories)
 1 kcal / 4 KJ    4 kcal / 17 KJ  
Total Fat 0 g   0 g  
of which saturated fat 0 g   0 g  
Carbohydrates 0 g   0 g  
of which sugars 0 g   0 g  
Dietary Fibre
0 g   0 g  
Protein 0 g   0 g  
Salt 0,09 g   0,36 g  
Vitamins   NRV*   NRV*
Vitamin C 8,0 mg 10 % 32 mg 40 %
Thiamine 0,08 mg 5 % 0,33 mg 30 %
Biotin 4,4 µg 11 % 17,5 µg 35 %

*Percentage of Nutrient Reference Values

Acidifying Agent Citrid Acid, Acidity Regulator Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Acidity Regulator Potassium Carbonate, Extract from Hibiskus Flowers, Natural Flavours, Vitamin C, Acerola Extract, Sweetener Sucralose, Colouring Concentrate from Carrot, Thiamine, Biotin.

  • 12 servings of waterdrop®
  • Dissolve 1 cube in 400-600 ml of fresh, cold walter
  • Natural fruit and plant extracts
  • Without artificial preservatives
  • Sugar-free – suitable for diabetics
  • Only 4 kcal per serving
  • Contains vitamins B1/B7/C
  • Suistainable packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews

I ordered bottle and taster packs. I’m very satisfied with the flavours I’ve tried so far, Defence and Clean. I chose the Clean Turquoise bottle and I absolutely love it. The cushioned sleeve to protect the bottle is lovely too. I recommend it!

Relax helps me to relax

I love waterdrops and have 2 x 600ml bottles in my fridge, ‘Boost’ for daytime and ‘Relax’ that I sip from about 5pm onwards
I used to drink cordials - no more, just lots of refreshing waterdrops water

Lovely taste

One of my favourites, tastes good and helps relax, what more do you want.

Love Relax, Nice and subtle flavour

Tastes better in less water than a full bottle, but it's lovely when doubled up, one of the better ones along with Defence.


Love the flavour. Perfe

Relax in style

This is one of my favourite flavours. Not as fruity as the others, but just as refreshing. My go to Waterdrop in the evening time. I tend to have it in a smaller glass of water, to have a more intense flavour.

Puts plain tap water to shame

My sense of taste is always more sensitive when run-down, and plain tap water tasted disgusting after this. When I couldn't finish that mugful, I topped up and added relaxation. Yep, still got it.
The flavour and sense of well-being remind me of Purdy's, but without the heavy carbonation, bulk, or price tag of £14+ for 12 before delivery.
I've avoided effervescent tablets after 2 bad reactions, but the exclusively positive Facebook reviews convinced me to try. There's only enough to allow them to activate (which is probably why they're slower to do so), but the only reaction I've had was a gentle release of lymph. I get that unpleasantly with any degree of carbonation, but it is helpful and painless here, plus followed by the lingering delicious drink rather than the usual bile

Keep calm and RELAX

Keep calm


The contained extract of the hibiscus flower is native to the tropical areas of this world. There, the exquisite hibiscus flower has become famous as a relaxing drink under the name Agua de Jamaica. Although there are over 600 known species, it is always characterized by its distinctive calyx and its pleasant tart taste.


Discover the powerful extract of acerola, which was already indispensable to the Mayas because of its valuable ingredients. The fire-red berry stands out for its tasty, sourish aroma, which always guarantees refreshment. 


Enjoy natural aroma with the taste of aronia. The small berry has its roots in North America, where it was used by the indigenous people as important nutrition for the cold months of winter. Today, it is known for its similarity in shape to an apple – why the berry is also known as “appleberry”. With its tasty, refreshing aroma it is known worldwide as a thirst quencher.

Vitamins: B1, B7, C

The vitamins B1 and B7 Vitamin C contribute to
a normal psychological function. Vitamin C contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system. 

Vitamins: B1, B7, C

The vitamins B1 and B7 Vitamin C contribute to a normal psychological function. Vitamin C contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system. 



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