Limited Edition Bottle by Hedof

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The colourful design makes the Limited Edition Bottle by Hedof your bright companion on grey autumn days.

As colourful as our waterdrops & as practical as any of our glass bottles (600 ml), it helps you to drink more on the go.

→ Limited to 15,000 pieces
→ Each piece is unique
→ Beautiful illustrations (Designed by Hedof)
→ Water bottle made of robust, odourless and tasteless borosilicate glass
→ Extra-tight bamboo closure
→ Heat-resistant and scratch-resistant
→ Easy to clean thanks to large opening
→ Glass bottle incl. protective and insulating neoprene sleevein the matching Hedof design*

* The neoprene sleeve has a small hole on the bottom in order to push out the air for the bottle to glide easily into the protective case.

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Make your autumn bright.

With the Limited Edition Bottle by Hedof you're giving your grey autumn days a splash of colour.

About the artist

Striking illustrations, bright colors and playful characters distinguish the works of Hedof. Behind the name of the design studio from the Netherlands is Rick Berkelsmans. His works beautify house walls and installations all around the world and now - in exclusive edition - our current waterdrop® Limited Edition Bottle.

What characterises your style essentially?
Where’s your inspiration coming from and when would you call it a finished artwork?
Which role do contrasts and colours play for you?
Is it important for you to tell a story with your art?
Which role does water play in your art?