FOCUS - 12 Pack

Lime - Baobab - Acerola

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Get your quick pick-me-up through the refreshing citrus aroma of fresh lime with the tang of Baobab and Acerola. FOCUS, for the moments that count.


Average nutritional values

per 100 ml   per 400 ml (1 drop)  
Energy (calories)
 1 kcal / 4 KJ    4 kcal / 18 KJ  
Total Fat 0 g   0 g  
of which saturated fat 0 g   0 g  
Carbohydrates 0 g   0 g  
of which sugars 0 g   0 g  
Dietary Fibre
0 g   0 g  
Protein 0 g   0 g  
Salt 0,09 g   0,34 g  
Vitamins   NRV*   NRV*
Vitamin C 5,0 mg 6 % 20,0 mg 25 %
Pantothenic Acid 0,75 mg 13 % 3,0 mg 50 %
Thiamine 0,11 mg 10 % 0,44 mg 40 %

*Percentage of Nutrient Reference Values

Acidifying Agent Citrid Acid, Acidity Regulator Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Acidity Regulator Potassium Carbonate, Extract from Baobab Pulp, Natural Flavours, Acerola Extract, Vitamin C, Sweetener Sucralose, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Colouring Chlorophyll Copper Complex

  • 12 servings of waterdrop®
  • Dissolve 1 cube in 400-600 ml of fresh, cold walter
  • Natural fruit and plant extracts
  • Without artificial preservatives
  • Sugar-free – suitable for diabetics
  • Only 4 kcal per serving
  • Contains vitamins B1/B5/C
  • Suistainable packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews

Buonissimo sapore!!!


One of my favourites!

Love 💕 it

Realy nice flavour

My fave!

A very nice and fresh flavor!
Love it!

Fruity and fun

Such a lovely fruity flavour - really helps me drink more water

Great taste

Lovely refreshing flavour, zingy and not too sweet


Just live them makes drinking water so much easier

FOCUS on what matters

what matters


The natural aroma of fresh lime turns your water into a refreshing experience.
Originally from Southeast Asia, the green fruit called Citrus latifolia is known all over the world, not least because of its uniqueness in taste and its captivating, vibrant colour.


The baobab extract contained in FOCUS has a long tradition. African natives call it the "Tree of Life", because Baobab has said to perform miracles. For centuries it has been regarded by people in Africa as a source of health and well-being.


Discover the powerful extract of acerola, which was already indispensable to the Mayas because of its valuable ingredients. The fire-red berry stands out for its tasty, sourish aroma, which guarantees refreshment.

Vitamins: B1, B5, C

Vitamin C and pantothenic acid (B1) contribute to normal mental performance.
Thiamine (B5) contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamine: B1, B5, C

Die enthaltenen Vitamine C und B1 tragen zu einer normalen Funktion des Nervensystems bei. B5 trägt zu einer normalen geistigen Leistung bei.

Vitamins: B1, B5, C

Vitamin C and B1 pantothenic acid (B1) contribute to normal mental performance. Thiamine (B5) contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system.



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