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Homeware & Accessories

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Edition Bag
Sale price£11.90
Reversible fabric bag
100% organic cotton

9 colors available

Sale price£19.90
adjustable straps

7 colors available

Toddler Backpack
Sale price£16.90
Organic cotton | Adjustable chest strap

4 colors available

Bottle Brush
Sale price£8.90
VIBE Cocktail Shaker
Sale price£24.90
Limited Edition
high quality stainless steel
Save £13.80
waterdrop® LUCY® Clarity Pad 3-Pack
Sale priceFrom £6.90
Activated carbon filter
Fast filtration process
1-, 3- or 6-Pack
Sold out
Bamboo Bottle-Cap
Sale price£4.90
Metal bottle cap
Sale price£7.90
For glass and stainless steel bottles

8 colors available

Sold out
waterdrop® LUCY® Filter Carafe Default Title
Sale price£49.00
Filter Carafe + 1 Filter Pad
made of borosilicate glass

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