waterdrop® Edition Bottles

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Color: FOCUS Green
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The waterdrop® edition bottle made from high-quality borosilicate glass (600ml) helps you drink more water on the go and reduce your carbon footprint. Now available in our seven empowerment designs.

→ Beautiful illustrations by Marusha Bella
→ Resilient, odor-free and taste-neutral borosilicate glass
→ New, extra leak-proof cap made from bamboo wood
→ Scratch proof and heat-resisting glass
→ Easy to clean through extra wide opening
→ Cooling and protecting thermal sleeve included

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Amazing client service

I had initially purchase a bottle who came with a defect. After expressing my unhappiness towards this I was immediately contacted by their client services who offered to replace the product at zero cost.

The new product is perfect and I’m super happy with my purchase. Strongly recommend it

love it

Love it


Great design, absolutely love it


Wonderful quality!

Love love love

After searching for the perfect water bottle ( I have tried plastic or steel but I never enjoyed drinking from them) I have finally found the perfect one.
I am so happy to find a glass bottle that doesn't smell or leave that steal taste in your mouth, easy to clean , and with a very lovely and modern design. I thought it was too good to be true, but here I am writing a review ( I usually never do)!

Love it

Beautiful bottle

Super good!

The bottle is easy to clean and keeps the water cool for a bit with the sleeve 😊 also! It is pretty!

Drinking is beautiful.

Discover our beautiful drinking bottles made from glass. With unique illustrations from our favourite artist Marusha Belle it is your loyal companion for optimal hydration. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, this stunning bottle is perfect for 0.6l of fresh drinking water – the perfect amount for a refreshing waterdrop®.

Keeps a cool head.

Each bottled comes with a protecting and cooling thermal sleeve. Through this, you can keep your fresh drink chilled and protect it for transportation. The small handle on the sleeve helps you carry your bottle wherever you go. 

Leakproof bamboo cap.

A specially designed leakproof bamboo cap keeps your water where it should be until you choose to enjoy it. This bottle is made to travel the world with you.  

You make me feel fizzy.

Through a small window on the front of your bottle, you can watch your waterdrop® dissolve before you are ready to enjoy your freshly made drink.

Choosing is hard.

Colourful as our empowerments, you get to choose between all our 7 edition designs. 

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