LUCY® Filter Carafe

LUCY® Filter Carafe (incl. 1 Clarity Pad)

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Whether at home, in the office or at the next dinner party, the LUCY® Filter Carafe speaks for itself. Elegant, sustainable design meets advanced and swift filtration technology: a crystal-clear decision for clean drinking water!

LUCY® Filter Carafe has 2L capacity and it includes one Clarity Pad.

1x LUCY® Filter Carafe
• Filter carafe made of robust, odourless and tasteless borosilicate glass.
• Capacity: 2L
• Measurements: 14.6cm x 30.7cm, ø 10.6cm
• Weight: 680g
• Suitable for all standard refrigerators
• More sustainable than comparable filter solutions thanks to the minimised use of plastic as well as recyclable packaging.
• Maintenance: Glass carafe is dishwasher safe. Other individual parts should be handwashed at max. 50°C. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or rough sponges. Remove the LUCY® Clarity Pad before each cleaning.
•  Use water only. Don’t add waterdrop® Microdrinks or other water enhancers while using a Clarity Pad
• Made in EU

Further information as well as safety and cleaning instructions can be found in the manual.


Incl. 1x LUCY® Clarity Pad
• Filter pad made of activated carbon fibres with innovative ion exchange technology.
• Measurements: 0.7cm x 7.7cm
• Weight: 5g
• Filters chlorine, various heavy metals, drug residues, estrogens and other coarse particles such as microplastics. Further information can be found here.
• Keeps healthy minerals such as magnesium and calcium in the water.
• Noticeably improves the taste and odour of tap water
• Very fast filtration process
• Filtration performance tested according to the European standards DIN EN 17093:2018 and DIN 10521:2009
• Filter performance: approx. 4 weeks or 120L with daily use
• Easy to replace
• 1 LUCY® Clarity Pad can replace approx. 240 plastic bottles (500ml bottles)
• Exclusively compatible with the LUCY® Filter Carafe
• Patented and manufactured in Japan
• TÜV certified
• Tested by Eurofins Scientific
•  Use water only. Don’t add waterdrop® Microdrinks or other water enhancers while using a Clarity Pad

Improves taste
& odour

Extremely fast

Fits all
standard fridges

single-use plastic

Make it clear!

Discover the LUCY® Filter Carafe made of high-quality borosilicate glass, with unique Japanese ion exchange and activated carbon filter technology.

Entdecke die LUCY® Filter Carafe aus hochwertigem Borosilikatglas mit einzigartiger japanischer Ionenaustausch- und Aktivkohle-Filtertechnologie.

Purifies water. Preserves minerals.

The good things can stay, but the bad must go: Enjoy your filtered tap water with valuable minerals, minus various pollutants.


Tap water redefined.

Improve the taste & odour of your tap water with the LUCY® Filter Carafe and free it from pollutants such as heavy metals, chlorine, drug residues and estrogens, as well as other coarse particles such as microplastics. However, thanks to the innovative filter process, no valuable minerals such as magnesium and calcium are lost.  



An all-round innovation

Manufactured and patented in Japan, the LUCY® Clarity Pads impress with their outstanding filter performance. Thanks to compactly woven activated carbon fibres and their innovative ion exchange technology, they remove various pollutants from tap water rapidly and effortlessly, while still preserving valuable minerals. Sustainably designed, one Clarity Pad lasts up to 4 weeks or filters 120L of water with daily use, and can be easily replaced in a few simple steps.

LUCY® Clarity Pads: now available in 1-, 3- or 6-packs or save with our discounted 3 and 6 month subscriptions.

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Clean water. At home & in the oceans.

Nobody needs plastic bottles: Reduce your plastic consumption and drink sustainably with the LUCY® Filter Carafe.

It's a matter of principle.

One thing is clear, we need to clarify how the people of today, will drink water tomorrow - for the sake of ourselves and the environment. That's why we have reduced the use of plastic in the LUCY® Filter Carafe to a minimum and instead, use more durable and more sustainable materials. But that's not all: just one LUCY® Clarity Pad replaces up to 240 plastic bottles (500ml).

A crystal clear decision.

Designed for your everyday life - whether at home, at your desk or for your next dinner party.

Fits all standard refrigerators.

It's gettin' cold in here.

Thanks to its sophisticated design, the LUCY® Filter Carafe is not only a real eye-catcher, but also finds its place in any standard refrigerator. This way, filtered water becomes an ice-cold refreshment in no time at all.

What's inside?

1. Lid* that prevents spillage.

2. Inner Cylinder* (850ml) where unfiltered water can be added.

3. Glass Carafe (2L) made from high-quality, robust borosilicate glass – made in EU.

4. LUCY® Clarity Pad made from activated carbon fibres including an innovative ion exchange technology (patented and manufactured in Japan).

5. Filter Holder* that keeps LUCY® Clarity Pad in place for an effective filtration process.

*BPA-free and made in Austria