Waterdrop™ Set Empowerment Edition

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Color: Defence Rot
In this set you will find four waterdrop™ 12-packs (GLOW, RELAX, DEFENCE, BOOST) a  beautiful 0.55l glass drinking bottle (designed by Marusha Belle) and a protecting and cooling thermal sleeve for your bottle.

Detailed information

→ 48 microdrinks á 400-600 ml per serving
→ Natural fruit and plant extracts including valuable vitamins
→ Sugar-free
→ Beautiful glass drinking bottle made from scratch-resistant borosilicate glass
→ Including a protecting and cooling thermal sleeve

Are you drinking enough water? It is the single most valuable resource in the world. Unfortunately, many people have a hard time drinking enough.

Our microdrink is sugar-free, tastes great and adds essential vitamins as well as natural fruit & and plant extracts to your water, helping you drink more.

Just drop one waterdrop™ into 400-600 milliliters of water, let it dissolve by its own and enjoy the rich tastes of our delicous flavours. Waterdrop™ microdrink allows you to make your own fresh beverage - anytime and anywhere.

Experience waterdrop™ and join our community of +50,000 happy customers who trust us and now drink more of what's good for them and less of what's bad for them. 


Mango / Cactus Fruit / Artichoke

Let tropical cactus fruit and mango meet tart artichoke and watch the magic of this tasty trio unfold. Get your GLOW for days that smell like summer. 


Hibiscus / Acerola / Aronia   

Discover the botanical blend of hibiscus, acerola and aronia to find your happy medium. RELAX, for moments full of levity and ease.


Lime / Baobab / Acerola

Get your quick pick me up through the refreshing citrus aroma of fresh lime with the tang of baobab and acerola. FOCUS, for the moments that count.


Cranberry / Rosehip / Moringa

The unique composition of moringa and rosehip will surprise you with a fruity note of cranberry. DEFENCE, make your day strong. 


Peach / Ginger / Ginseng / Dandelion  

Experience the delicious interplay of ginseng and dandelion, blended with the delightful tastes of peach and ginger. Just start shining with YOUTH. 


Blacurrant / Elderflower / Açaí   

When the heat is on: BOOST steps in for you. The rich taste of blackcurrant and elderflower fused with the famous Brazilian power berry Açaí creates your BOOST when you need it most.

Waterdrop™ Set 
Empowerment Editions

Get your waterdrop™ set with four 12-packs and a high-quality 0.55 drinking bottle in a colour of your choice, including a protective and cooling thermal sleeve for your bottle. 

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