Empowerment Edition Set

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This set contains four of our flavours (FOCUS, DEFENCE, BOOST, YOUTH) and one of our wonderful waterdrop glass bottles in the edition of your favourite empowerment.
Color: RELAX Magenta
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→ 48 microdrinks to dissolve for a 400-600 ml refreshment drink
→ Natural fruit and plant extracts as well as valuable vitamins
→ No sugar
→ Classy design glass bottle (600ml) made of scratchproof borosilicate glass
→ Comes with a protective and insulating neoprene sleeve

Customer Reviews

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You’ve got to love a Nero in the morning

When I first tried Nero I wasn’t sure I really liked it, by the time I was dropping the second cube in water bottle I already loved it! It’s my favorite way to start my day, it feels refreshing and the caffeine bit in it is a great added bonus! You have to tru it!

Perky little drops

I'm a fan of the Nero drops, stocking up on this limited edition while I could get my hands on them.
The fact they contain caffeine encourages me to get my first bottle of water in early, setting me up to achieve my goals. My only criticism... They're limited edition 😔

Really pleased

Was definitely better quality than expected


The Bottle is beautiful, the vitamins taste very nice I’ve drank loads of water already.

striking bottle

From the lid to the flavour capsules, it is all well made and good quality

Healthy alternative to squash

I have certainly drunk more since trying out these new micro drinks. Not sure if it’s just a novelty or whether I will continue this way. Hopefully the latter! Some of the flavours are interesting shall we say and will not be to everyone’s taste. There are a couple I really don’t like and some that I will possibly buy again. Not sure if they have improved my health or not!! Love the bottle and it’s neoprene sleeve and it’s a nice replacement for my old bottle. Not a bad buy. Would have given it 5 stars if the delivery had been better. Waited quite a long time for it to be delivered and the courier tracking was next to useless.

Very Happy

Bottle & water drops arrived quicker than expected so was really pleased, the bottle is so pretty and Im glad to say my water intake has doubled since having the drops my doctors main complaint with me was I was always dehydrated because I’ve always struggled drinking water so I’m ecstatic, my favourites are boost, focus & defence can’t wait to place an order to try relax. Cannot recommend waterdrop enough Xx

Fruit- and plant extracts

No sugar

Valuable vitamins

Do you drink enough water?

It is our elixir of life. We need it in the same way that we need our air to breathe – yet plenty of people still struggle to drink enough of it. Our sugar-free Microdrink tastes fantastic, enriches your water with fruit and plant extracts as well as valuable vitamins and helps you to drink more water.

Waterdrop Glas
Waterdrop Bottles

Just as you like it

Pick your favourite waterdrop and depending on your preference drop it in a glass of 400-600 ml water. The drop dissolves within the shortest time before being ready to be consumed. You can enjoy your Microdrink at the office, while training or simply on-the-go.   


Blackcurrant - Elderflower - Açaí

When the heat is on, BOOST steps in for you. The rich taste of blackcurrant and elderflower fused with the famous Brazilian power berry Açaí creates your personal BOOST when you need it most.


Hibiscus - Acerola - Aronia

Bye-bye stress and hello RELAX. Discover the botanical blend of Hibiscus, Acerola and Aronia to find your happy medium. RELAX, for moments full of levity and ease.


Cranberry - Rosehip - Moringa

Tai Chi or Vitamin C? Probably both, to keep your immune system fit. The unique composition of miraculous Moringa and Rosehip will surprise you with a fruity note of cranberry. DEFENCE, make your day strong. 


Mango - Cactus Fruit - Artichoke

How to sparkle? Easy. Just let tropical cactus fruit and mango meet tart artichoke and watch the magic of this tasty trio unfold. Get your GLOW for days that smell like summer. 


Peach - Ginger - Ginseng - Dandelion

Meet this fabulous interplay of Ginseng and Dandelion extract synthesized with the juicy taste of peach and surprisingly mild ginger. Go ahead and just start shining with YOUTH.


Lime - Baobab - Acerola

Get your quick pick-me-up through the refreshing citrus aroma of fresh lime with the tang of Baobab and Acerola. FOCUS, for the moments that count.

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