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Your multi-tasker: the Smart Cap that cleans, tracks and reminds.

LUCY® – Your smart drinking assistant


Enjoy clean water at home or on the go. The innovative UV-C purification function deactivates up to 100% of potential germs in your drinking water. This also keeps your bottle clean and odour-free.


Thanks to a special sensor, the LUCY® Smart Cap records your water consumption and automatically stores it for you in the waterdrop® Hydration App. By comparing your fluid intake with your daily hydration goals, you can easily monitor your progress and develop better drinking habits.


Never forget to drink enough water again: Short flashes at regular intervals remind you to reach your daily target. Personalise the feature according to your individual needs.

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How LUCY® helps you drink more water

No filter needed: The innovative UV-C technology of LUCY® ensures gentle cleaning, without any additional filter or chemicals.

The UV-C light deactivates up to 100% of all bacteria, mould or viruses by damaging their DNA so that they can no longer replicate.

The technology behind the LUCY® Smart Cap has been tested and verified by leading, accredited water analysis institute Eurofins.

Take control of your hydration.

Keep an eye on your hydration like never before. By tracking your fluid consumption and recording it in the waterdrop® Hydration App, the LUCY® Smart Cap will help you develop better long-term drinking habits. All you have to do is drink water, LUCY® will take care of the rest.

One sip further.

Life is busy and can distract us from drinking water. With LUCY®'s Reminder function, you'll never forget again. By gentle flashing at regular intervals when your hydration goals haven't been reached, the LUCY® Smart Cap helps get your hydration game back on track.

App your drinking game

To get even better results, connect the LUCY® Smart Cap with the waterdrop® hydration app: Together, they will help you keep on track with your fluid-intake, remind you to drink and challenge you to take it one sip further.

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Let us introduce... LUCY®.

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